This blog is being used to keep copies of articles Nigel Raeburn has written for the HRCR NW Area monthly on-line Newsletter (edited by Shon Gosling).  The first article was in October 2014 and at least one, sometimes more, have appeared each month since.  Some have appeared in other publications too, like the Knutsford & DMC bi-monthly on-line Bulletin or one-offs like in the 50th Plains Rally’s programme.  This is intended to be a useful repository for them.  The subjects are invariably motorsport memories from Nigel’s more than 50 years of competing (primarily as a rally navigator/co-driver) but also marshalling, spectating, pit signalling, organising, officiating etc etc..  I hope you enjoy them!  New articles, photos etc will be added as time goes on to try to keep everything ‘fresh’!